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Do you have your own lyrics or a melody for a future track? Even if all you have is an idea, we'll help you with writing the lyrics and arranging your song. We'll record and mix your track the way you want it to be.
Songwriting is the creative and painstaking work of the entire 7.9 records team. If you want to start a solo music career and need a quality and unique composition - contact us. We work in all genres: pop, hip-hop, rock, electronic.
What is our job? We'll write music and lyrics based on your idea, record a demo, and make adjustments based on your wishes. After you have a finished song, we will record it, so it meets your style and modern sound requirements.

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+38 093 076 13 03moc.liamg%40gnidrocer9.7

Kyiv, Valeriya Lobanovskogo avenue, 6

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